Sustainable and inexpensive for all instead of cost-intensive for only a few households

Efficient: Sustainable supply to cities, counties, and regions with natural hexagonal structures

By Dr. Wolfgang Fick and Richard Banks

At the end of this article you will have a simple solution, but let’s start from the beginning:

The earth, the world we live in, is designed according to our ideas and desires. Infrastructure, technology, and much more serve us humans to live in comfortable conditions. This is legitimate and a good thing.

However, countless people report that despite these civilizational conveniences, they feel more well-being in unspoiled nature; get more rest, more relaxation, and more regeneration than in our technologized environments.

This is because we have simply forgotten to integrate the natural structures of life into our technical world.

We have obviously forgotten to integrate natural life structures into our technical world!

Findings from space travel

From space travel, one knows that humans are dependent on absolutely natural life structures of the earth compellingly, in order to be able to live at all. They do not exist in space.

These must and are – for example on the space station – specially manufactured, because otherwise, survival would not be possible.

In space travel, we produce these structures because otherwise, no one can survive in space.

Our earth has lost an incredible amount of these natural structures in the past decades. This is becoming more and more apparent – except that the cause is not really being named.

Alibis are repeatedly presented to the public in such a way that they are easy to accept. This helps to enforce measures, but as long as they are not conducive to restoring the structures, they do not help to solve the challenge.

The solution lies in the structure!

Very well the natural structures of life on earth can be restored. After all, we succeed even in a space as hostile to life as outer space.

If we do this, we can live together in a harmonious co-existence with the wonderful conveniences of technology – without our cells, indeed our entire organism, suffering any long-term damage.

To put it concretely: Can the natural structure be maintained, can one live with a clear conscience facing a radio transmitting unit?

With the worldwide construction of technical facilities, mankind has managed to envelop the entire earth with billions of technical waves. At present, these waves have a great preponderance, and it currently looks like there will be more waves instead of fewer.

Mankind has enveloped the entire earth with technical waves.

Turning back the waves is hardly enforceable because we have become accustomed to the technical advantages. As described above, it is also not necessary.

If the will is there, whole regions will be structured permanently in such a natural way that from the waves no negative influence goes to the living cells.

Plants, animals, and humans consist of billions and billions of living cells and it is important that these can carry out their functions in a natural way so that we can live efficiently.

Area harmonization is the efficient solution

Before every individual buys e.g. a water structure and has it installed in the house – this is still brilliant because many houses are shielded with reinforced concrete and the water pipes in such a way that the environmental structuring does not come 100% into the house – it makes sense to restore the natural structure on the entire earth surface on a large scale.

It makes sense to restore the natural structure over a large area on the entire surface of the earth.

Restoration of natural structures at the county, governmental district, or even state level is possible, and the cost of doing so is a tiny, virtually hardly invisible amount compared to what the entire installation of the technology has cost and continues to cost through maintenance and removal.

Summary + recommendation for action

Technical progress has had a significant impact on our lives. Often to the advantage of mankind. However, problems are increasingly coming to light that is a result of not taking enough care of the natural structures.

In space travel, these natural structures must be created, because otherwise, survival in space would not be possible.

If the natural structures disappear completely, no survival on earth is possible. For no one. No human being. No animal. No plant. Nothing has living cells.

On our earth, these structures are dwindling.

We need them to sustain life.

The most effective way to restore them is through land harmonization.

With our team, we have carried out successful area harmonization in different regions of the earth in the past years, so that today we are in the position to help area bodies with 100% certainty to permanently restore the natural structures in their region.

The restoration of the structures has, of course, consequences, for example, more and better quality yield in the fields, and more satisfaction in the population.

Feel free to contact the editor of this publication. He knows how best to reach me in a qualified manner and can combine regions in case of incoming inquiries. This makes us even more efficient for you and the people in your region.

Feel free to share this post and video.

For your safety: Yes, this all sounds unconventional at first. Especially if you are a highly educated person. Or an engineer like me.

But there is one thing you should remember:

You can’t cheat nature, and it doesn’t lie.

Everything we do is comprehensible and logical when you dive deep into the subject.

Besides, I’m not in it for the money. I already have enough of that to live on.

Besides, I know that the coffers of the public sector are obliged to economical budgeting and that there are stronger planks to be drilled here than if a millionaire wants to improve the energy fields in his villa. I produce this content here so that people can approach me to learn more. For many people personally – and for us as a society – it is very-high time that the right action is taken.

Dr. Wolfgang Fick,
Engineer. Physicist & Scientist.

Together with,
Richard Banks,
President of the Hexagonal Foundation e. V.

Allgäu ohne Flächenstrukturierung

This is what the view of the Allgaeu could look like in just one generation without the restoration of the natural structures …

Who writes here?

Eigentlich ist/war Richard Banks Investor, Autor und Networker … aber im Leben seiner Tochter gab es einen „Zwischenfall“. Die Suche nach einer Lösung führte ihn zur Hexagonalität und den Stein der Harmonie als erzeugende Quelle dieser ur-natürlichen Kraft.

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