The transition from the private household to the region and then:

Structure the world hexagonally again!

Maybe the following is a story – a story with a good end and it is the responsibility of the reader whether he believes it to be true or at least parts of it.

Harmonie und Moderne

Modern man and nature can live healthily together in harmony. The key to this is stable structures – but first, get the awareness of this!

Many people can go along with the idea that the earth was healthy for many thousands of years and that life developed quite wonderfully.

In the last more than 100 years, the ever-increasing interventions in the environment have left with such changes that a permanently healthy life is less and less possible.

This concerns humans, animals, plants, and the earth itself.

This article deliberately does not name causes and culprits. It would lead to a question of guilt. In doing so, one moves away from the solution. The solution is the solution.

Guilt is not a solution. Especially since many of those who could be identified have already passed away.

Of course, waters are polluted with all kinds of things: from chemicals to hormones to microplastics. This can be countered with filters, which people are increasingly doing. However, this does too little to help the global water cycle.

A bird or a deer does not filter its “drinking water”.

Stable structure as a solution

The solution from the point of view of some scientists, like Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, lies in the structure of water.

Let’s say our human heart is a “structure builder”. It continuously pumps blood through our body and ensures that it has a suitable biochemical composition. But it also makes sure how the molecules are arranged, and that is called structure.

Arrangement of the molecules = structure

The “hexagonal” structure is considered the most stable and it is the one that used to be largely found on the surface of the earth.

Studies have shown that centuries ago frozen water – for example in glaciers or in the Arctic – had a much higher (more hexagonal) structure than our current ice in the annual winter.

Arktis hexagonal

Is “eternal ice” melting here to provide more hexagonal structures to the global water cycle?

The structures have survived there because they have not participated in the global water cycle, in which the structures have become steadily weaker.

Weaker structures in the water have an impact on all those that use this water, for example, trees.

Etwas Karg – Nova Scotia

Although fantastically green at first glance, one may notice at second glance that the trees appear somewhat sparse.

There are more and more areas of land where the trees look literally “terrible”. Of course, it is not said that there is a lack of hexagonal structure. This field of research is still too unknown for that.

Depending on the preferences in the respective region, it is said that the “acid rain” would be to blame, general environmental pollution, sometimes even slight radioactivity is admitted or in the case of the farthest shifting away of responsibility, the bark beetle is the culprit.

Yes, all this can even be true. There is indeed an outgrowth of bark beetles in some regions and environmental pollution up to radioactivity is generally known and widely accepted by the public … but with a stable hexagonal structure under control.

Does the hexagonal structure reduce the harmful effect of foreign substances in water?

Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger reported in one of his earlier videos that human test subjects were given water contaminated with various toxins to drink. It made little to no difference to the test subjects.

The right structure is everything!

How to bring hexagonal structures into the environment for yourself and your loved ones is something we have presented in several articles and videos. The centerpiece is the Stone of Harmony (= structure builder) to wear on the body or place, e.g. in a bed or at work.

It was built into the domestic drinking water supply (= water structure) or optimized as a room harmonizer with an effective radius of 10 meters for living rooms and offices.

The “plug” can even be used in the car, which is a boon for the driver and his companions, especially in modern vehicles packed with high-tech.

As more and more problems become visible, a good deal for the manufacturer – right?

Yes, of course.

But what’s the use of all that money if you have to watch how piece by piece more and more is on the decline?

Bigger solutions are needed!

It has been known for a long time that it is possible to supply drinking water supply units with structuring modules, but the tendering guidelines or the will of those responsible has so far largely prevented this.

In addition, there are some “water companies” on the market that do not stand up to closer scrutiny. That creates uncertainty and one would not like to have that built-in publicly likewise.

But even if we succeed in providing large-scale drinking water supply systems with the right structure formers, nature is left out in the cold.

In the meantime, there is the “technology” that lakes and rivers can be re-hexagonalized.

But who should ask for permission here? Is it possibly a technology that can neither be seen nor detected?

The airplanes and antenna stations that do “geoengineering” do not ask for permission from the district administrator or Lieschen Müller.

It is an observed fact that if you do something in one place, it has an effect on another place. Especially with interventions like geoengineering.

In water, and water is the source of life, a high hexagonal structure is a solution. If the water is hexagonally structured, there is stability that other (self-) purification processes run much better.

Is there Evidence?

Yes, even if it is not common knowledge today, scientists have studied it and documented their research results. For example the above-mentioned Dr. Mu Shik Jhon. (Korea/USA).

Hexagonales Wasser Buch

Information about the mode of action of hexagonal water has been known for a long time. For example, they were compiled in ► this book.

Pilotstudie Recreation Lounge

Pilot study documentation

But also in Germany, there was a pilot study on “hexagonal water and psyche” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Konrad Reschke.

Hopefully, this is a prelude for more German scientists to take up this field of research.

Finding evidence in nature?

Just when you talk to responsible persons of territorial bodies, who have recognized how the current situation is (their offices report to them partly frightening data), they are asked for proof, evidence, studies, etc.

Right, right, nobody wants to be accused of having publicly spent money on hocus-pocus. There is and was enough of that in the past, as one can and could learn weekly from the press.

To find a solution, a “reference region” was created, in which one can see the effects of this spring.

What was done?

The first step was to re-hexagonal the main river of the region, including all tributaries worth mentioning.

Hexagonal structured river

The main river is drawn in thick red. The tributaries are the thinner lines. Thus the reference region began that first the flowing waters were re-hexagonalized. Only the rivers carried the hexagonal water – there was no effect outside the river!
Attention: This map is only for illustration and makes no statement about the actual region!

Hexagonal water is flowing again in some German rivers!

Since rivers cannot be given back their hexagonality up to a county boundary or “pay-barrier”, the main river and tributaries are re-hexagona¬lized up to the headwaters.

However, the hexagonality remains in the water/riverbed. You can notice it when you are on a bridge over the river or standing on the bank. If one goes only one meter out of the river with the measurement, the hexagonality is no longer detectable there.
It is already a gigantic achievement to structure such large and constantly regenerating volumes of water, but:

The real art lies in “stretching” the hexagonally from one tributary for several kilometers to the next tributary.

Hexagonal areas between the rivers

Attention: Also this graphic serves the simple illustration – here on small space. Much larger areas/fields can be built up.

This is exactly what was done in the reference region.

That is:

Meadows and forests are largely hexagonal in the reference region!

It will be very interesting this year and in the following years to see how this region develops – compared to weakly structured regions.

The state of nature can be observed, as well as the crop yield or quality and other economic indicators, and of course, the wildlife that lives freely in nature.

The structuring in the reference region has an indirect effect on the people living there. For example, if they spend a lot of time outside and/or consume products of the region that are grown outside.

The “screening” of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings is so great due to stone, concrete, and steel that the structure does not come through to the interior. Possibly in wooden houses that have no other shielding in the walls.

From this point of view, it is still recommended to use structure formers “indoor”.

Nevertheless, the step from structuring the personal environment to large areas and common property is very important.

The technology is there to re-hexagonal large areas

The technology is available to re-hexagonal areas larger than counties, depending on their size and spatial features (water bodies, hills, mountains), with a mandate to give them the structure necessary for a healthy future.


We are happy to help other regions to return the original hexagonally and invite (with an expense allowance) interested people on a guided tour through our reference region. Of course, everyone can get an idea of the reference region on their own, completely free of charge or at their own expense.

For people in charge, it will probably be more efficient to be accompanied and to be made aware of before-and-after changes. When you come, be open to things they have never seen before. Of course, you can bring any form of advisors and critics from your staff or externally.

You won’t meet salespeople, but people who already have enough to eat – and perhaps because of that, have had the time and energy to develop solutions that are urgently needed.

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Who writes here?

Eigentlich ist/war Richard Banks Investor, Autor und Networker … aber im Leben seiner Tochter gab es einen „Zwischenfall“. Die Suche nach einer Lösung führte ihn zur Hexagonalität und den Stein der Harmonie als erzeugende Quelle dieser ur-natürlichen Kraft.

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