Export of hexagonal products from Germany

We deliver to your doorstep!

The stone of harmony, as well as the Recreation Lounge – with turbo-stone inside – are exclusively produced in Germany.

The quality is perfect!

There are no licensed productions abroad and there won’t be any anytime soon.

That means: If you live in another country than Germany, then you hardly have any other possibility than ordering in Germany and export the order.

The manufacturer Stein der Harmonie and Vitalzentrum Leipzig have been very restrained, regarding the export to other countries. The companies are doing well, they have enough money and there is still a whole lot of growth potential at the domestic market that they do not want to deal with the new challenge “export”.

Of course, that does not help you, if you live abroad or have a house abroad where you want to install the hexagonal systems.

Maybe we can help you?

Due to our sites in Memmingen (Germany), Cape Coral (USA) and PrivateCity (Caribbean), we have certain experiences with the export of goods and services from Germany. Moreover, we are willing to learn about the subject of export to other countries.

Help that you can expect from us:

  • Acquisition of exclusive products (see below) in Germany
  • Packing and shipping from Germany
  • Customs formalities in Germany (export documents)
  • possible help at the importation to the USA or PrivateCity
  • possible help with the installation and assembly of the products (depending on the country)

What we cannot do, is:

  • Customs clearance of the products in your home country
  • Domestic transport in your home country (regarding Recreation Lounge)


Please ask your questions through the comments feature at the end of this page (fastest way). Response will be publicly.

Please submit concrete orders through my assistant in English or German language. A heartly thanks!

Please note the following about the costs:

You will get a bill of all really incurring costs as a payment in advance. We have to purchase the product at the manufacturer, pay the shipping companies, as well as the fees for documents and permits.

The actual work effort on our part is charged with Euros 49 per hour for travel time, Euro 99 per hour for assistance work and Euro 299 per hour for boss work. Depending on the country, you will get an individual offer.

Upfront for your calculation:

  • Stone of harmony for shipping to the USA or PrivateCity: lump sum of Euros 99 for the work effort including express courier
  • Water structurizer for shipping to the USA or PrivateCity: lump sum of Euros 279 (herein, special customs formalities on the German part are to complete) including express courier
  • Recreation Lounge to the USA or PrivateCity: 4-digit amount possibly plus assembly help and briefing on site, flight costs

Frequently used areas

Stone of harmony

  • Carrying as a protection (hexagonal field in the proximity of about 1.5 meters) and jewellery
  • Structuring of small liquid amounts (e.g. water carafe)
  • Laying under the place of rest (for a good atmosphere)
  • Positioning below desks or in meeting and negotiation rooms (for a good atmosphere)
  • Carrying as a business equipment (e.g. in the trouser pocket)
Schönheit mit Stein

The stone of harmony is a “healthy” and protecting gift for your wife or girlfriend.

different colors to choose (German)

6 Responses to “We deliver to your doorstep!”

  1. alex chew says:

    Hi, where i could purchase the hexagonal water restructured in Singapore. thanks

    • Richard says:

      We are a website in Germany. We can not give information where to buy hexagonal water in an Asian city-state.

  2. Kathryn clarke says:

    What exactly is a recreation lounge? What is in it? Thank you.

    • Richard says:

      This is a question that the manufacturer can better answer. We no longer offer delivery of a Recreation Lounge abroad. We only rent out our own stock of lounges within Germany.

  3. Abby Western says:

    In what cities is the available in Germany? I am located in Paris.


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