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The Most Important Things from the Stone Booklet (Stein der Harmonie)

The Stone Booklet is an informational brochure included with the purchase of the Stone of Harmony (German product: “Stein der Harmonie”). It covers the topics on 16 pages:

Harmony, self-confidence, radiance, balance, ease, self-assurance, sovereignty, resilience, beauty, well-being, wisdom, and the manufacturing process.

This list shows the wonderful application spectrum of the stone of harmony.

Stein-Büchlein - stone booklet

The Stone Booklet (right) is included with each purchase of Stone of Harmony (left).

How does it work?

The central key is the life force!

Every living being is endowed with the force of life from birth. There is no universally valid definition of life force, but if you and we will be accustomed to think mechanically – imagine how good your life would be when you will become to know your inner force.

This life force comes from within us but it is constantly exposed to external influences. These influences are so diverse and strong that a person can speak about this because of stress and burden.

Fortunately, humans are developed in such a way that they can absorb different kinds of stresses. Some people challenge it even in such a way that it grows. Others weaken the stresses in such a way that they can handle them easily.

External stresses

Are you also exposed to multiple external stresses?

Stresses can strengthen and/or weaken us

This is not always obvious because it is a very slow and gradual process. To a person, it may seem normal.

If one would let a person from 1950 or even from 1850 live on earth today, he would probably adapt or buckle up with the new environment very fast. Just like how the lilies in the valley react to the new frost on them.

Time travel

Today, people have to cope with a multitude of very different frequencies. Also, today nature is very different from what it used to be back then.

I wonder, will it make any difference if one puts the Stone of Harmony on this time traveler?

The Stone of Harmony is not an expensive piece of jewelry as some people think of it. It is a rediscovered high technology. But it is without a plug and does not need electricity to work. It uses natural movement.

The Harmony Stone does not work against nature rather it works with nature. The Stein booklet says:

“Through the rhythmic rolling and in and out movement of the water in its original and purest form, the Stone of Harmony receives and works on an incredible energetic principle because of quantum mechanical entanglement.

When the process of transformation to solid material and their vitalization occurs in nature, it usually takes several thousand years. The Stone of Harmony is processed and vitalized precisely according to this archaic principle of meandering.

This transfer is pure with natural principles shortened from months to a few years. After this time, the Stone of Harmony is able to transfer this principle to everything within a radius of 1.5 meters.”

Stone of harmony manufacturing process

Does the Stone of Harmony have manifested the healing power of the primordial water?


As a result, the Stone of Harmony (creates) for us a field (living space) a little more than twice the arm’s length around the person who wears it, and the field is harmoniously structured. This field can consist of air water, and also the food and drink we take in.

Something curious or, to put it more kindly, “miraculous” happens:

In the immediate vicinity of the worn stone, stresses from the outside are not so severe (=the stone protects), and at the same time it promotes its own vitality (=the stone strengthens). Both are in harmonious order around Stone’s field.

More order, more chaos

The “invisible egg” from the Stone of Harmony.

The human eye cannot see this “order”. It was not created for this purpose. But our cells react to it, even if some people believe that they cannot experience any change. Changes can be measured in many ways, as documented under “Worth knowing” on the manufacturer’s page.

Advantages of the stone bearer

Staying in this harmonious-structured living space, which is always around the stone bearer, brings exactly the themes of the stone booklet. A more of:

  • Harmony
  • Self-confidence
  • Radiance
  • Balance
  • Lightness
  • Self-confidence
  • Sovereignty
  • Resilience
  • Beauty
  • Well-being
  • Wisdom.

The booklet says:

More vitality for every day! The stone of harmony is worn on the body. The stone is a piece of jewelry to promote charisma, beauty, and well-being, as well as strengthen sovereignty and wisdom. All of this can be obtained this the slightest effort.

Increase your resilience in everyday life. Enjoy the water, all drinks, and food as well as the air you breathe which is of the best quality. In the field around the stone which is about 1.5 meters radius.

In this environment, all water arranges itself into an ideal and perfect physical structure and builds up a harmonious field with vitality. The perfect field of the stone has been tested and proven in many ways.

The elemental force of life arises purely from the naturally correct movement of water until it unfolds the maximum possible life force. The Stone of Harmony concentrates this life force and permanently transmits this structure back to the water as well as the field of all living organisms.

Stone of harmony booklet

What leaps should a person make who is endowed with more vitality?

Without any effort?

Well, you have to make a one-time financial effort with the purchase of the Stone of Harmony. But afterward, the stone “works” for you 24/7 i.e. 365 days a year. Always in a perfect environment!

There are no operating or maintenance costs. No electricity, no filter, no maintenance, nothing! Once a financial appreciation has been provided, one receives a kind and over time effective secret for more vitality.

The Stone of Harmony can be your spring in life through which you can really realize your full potential!

Just imagine what you would achieve if you:

  • had a clear head
  • stronger inner drive
  • a more harmonious togetherness?

There is a solution for this:

The Stone of Harmony (Stein der Harmonie)

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Who writes here?

Eigentlich ist/war Richard Banks Investor, Autor und Networker … aber im Leben seiner Tochter gab es einen „Zwischenfall“. Die Suche nach einer Lösung führte ihn zur Hexagonalität und den Stein der Harmonie als erzeugende Quelle dieser ur-natürlichen Kraft.

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