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Stone of Harmony (German: Stein der Harmonie)

Stein der Harmonie

Introduction (the most important information is in four paragraphs)

The stone of harmony contributes decisively to the improvement of the quality of life and even to the prolongation of life by producing in its direct environment a particularly high hexagonal (honeycomb-like) structure of the water substance molecules.

This hexagonal structure of the stone of harmony can provide longevity to its environment because it takes up a manufacturing process that lasts approximately 200 intensive days.

Hexagonales Wasser

The Stone of Harmony can be of numerous uses for its owner, such as the production of a hexagonal water structure.

Hexagonal water is considered to be of great importance in activating self-purification and self-healing powers.

What is the Stone of Harmony?

The Stone of Harmony (German: Stein der Harmonie), which technically is not a stone (more on that in a moment), but is a high technology. It is a high technology that is exactly modeled on the elemental force of nature.

The high technology creates a structured field in a radius of at least 1.5 meters. The inventor, Dr. Wolfgang Fick, calls it “a harmonious field with life force”.

The Stone of Harmony is capable of transferring its field to other things. For example, it can create a hexagonal water structure if it is connected it to the liquid.

The Stone of Harmony is a German product and is produced exclusively in Germany..

For starters, this is a good video:

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Enrico Edinger is interviewed about the Stone of Harmony. It is a very interesting video because he has intensively examined and tested the stone himself.

More information about the stone examination

Stone of Harmony … helps against what?

What if you had such a personal stone?

Stone of Harmony: Private secret, which helps you to get through the changing time in a stable way?

For 7 years, we have been the users and partners of the Stone of Harmony. The following text is the collective information of thousands of experiences paired with valuable background knowledge.

The secret of the users

In my personal conversation I often still say it as “stone bearer”, because the Stone of Harmony has been designed particularly like a valuable piece of jewellery. In terms of function, feel appearance, and price.

I thank every woman and every man who openly wears this wonderful creation. Try it out. You will be more outspoken and thankful about it and this way you will find yourself spreading many success stories of the Stone of Harmony and thus finding more happy users.

In most cases, the Stone of Harmony is worn concealed. The easiest way is to take one of the ribbons provided and tie it in such a way that the stone is comfortably positioned at chest or heart level. It can lie directly on the skin. The material makes the body warm and it can rest under your clothes.

Stein der Harmonie tragen

The Stone of Harmony can be worn openly as an eye-catcher or, corresponding to the invisible effect, it can be worn discreetly covered.

From some female users, we come to know that they have attached the stone of harmony to the bra. It is equally popular to hang it on a handbag or briefcase. Keep in mind that the Stone of Harmony has an effective radius of about 1.5 meters.

Why has the stone become a personal companion?

It’s the vibration!

In the production and petrification process of several months, the blank stone of the harmony has taken up a “primal vibration” in itself which it will give away to its environment all its life.

This vibration is very beneficial to live. Most people, animals, and plants feel comfortable in this vibration and thus in the effective circle of the stone.

This vibration structures and harmonizes water and air. Our human body, depending on our personal condition and age consists of between 60 and 80 percent water. So, when we use it, we become noticeably more structured and harmonious.

This of course also applies to our food and drinks, because when we consume the food as “stone bearers”, we bring them into the sphere of influence of the Stone of Harmony.

If you hexagonally structure the water for the preparation of drinks and food with the Stone of Harmony, you get “higher quality” products and thus also pass on a piece of goodness. For example, a baker has reported that his baked goods turn out even better and have a longer shelf life (molding and decay processes start much later) since he was using the hexagonally structured water.

The Stone of Harmony is in any case a gain in vitality. People in their good and bad times have a physical object that can give them a plus of stability, strength, and peace.

Stein der Harmonie: Kreis

This is also confirmed by studies – for example by Professor Dr. Enrico Edinger, who has examined people with stress (stress, electro smog, and other radiation exposure). First, in the condition when they visited his institute as a patient. Then, when they had spent 30 minutes in the “field” of the Stone of Harmony.

A significant improvement in overall regulation was visible and measurable.

The principle is simple: if I neutralize (hexagonally structure) stresses of different causative agents with the help of the Stone of Harmony, I create an environment in which living cells regulate themselves optimally on their own. This way, I have a harmonious living space.

Instead of regularly visiting premises where stresses are relieved … wouldn’t it be practical to always be in this perfect “habitat”?

With the purchase of the Stone of Harmony, if you take it with you, this living space is always wherever you are. Where ever you are, there will be an increase in stability, strength, and vitality.

One more piece of background information:


Newly created river extension in Bavaria, where meandering is restored to its original natural state.

We feel at home along meandering (naturally meandering) rivers and bodies of water. We seek them out for recreation, and have spas and baths there. We regenerate ourselves there, rebalance our souls, bodies, and spirits.

Physically, these are places with countless negative ions. “Negative” is “positive” for us living beings because we react to it. Exactly such natural negative ions exist in the environment of the Stone of Harmony so that our cells complete the building and regenerating processes.

Stone of Harmony: A piece of regenerative nature with it!

Advantages of the Stone of Harmony:

  • Living space (arm’s length in any direction) to take with you everywhere
  • High technology of the dawning Golden Age in the form of a robust natural product made of wood
  • Practical and suitable for “hidden carrying” or decorative as a piece of jewellery
  • Reliably structures water and air and the drinks and food environment
  • Strengthens us against any kind of stress and
  • permanently supports our regeneration.

Care instructions

The Stone of Harmony does not require any special care. If it gets dirty, it can be washed with a damp cloth. If you want to do something good for it, you can rub it lightly with organic coconut oil.

Buy the Stone of Harmony?

Since 2022, the Stone of Harmony can no longer be ordered directly from the manufacturer. The sale takes place through (authorized) dealers. This gives you the advantage that as a customer you have a personal buyer whom you can contact and he can answer your questions and help you choose the stone.

We offer our interested parties and buyers, the service to select their stone of harmony by photo:

Stein der Harmonie auswählen

Individual photo of the front and back of the stone of harmony ⇝ view currently available stones ✅

From the shape and effect, the stones are the same. But they all have unique colors. Please choose the stone that best suits your personality.

If you buy from us, you will receive support beyond the purchase.

For example, through our “Customer Information” you can see updates and new findings. Of course, as a buyer at, you can still contact us with questions or other concerns years after your purchase.

There are customers who have been in contact with us since 2017 and it is always great to hear from each other. Thank you very much!

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