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Hexagonal Water

There are more and more people, who think about the quality of the water. This is appropriate and important due to two reasons:

  • the quality of the water has not improved at most extraction points in the past years,
  • we people consist of water – depending on the age and state – from 60 to 90 per cent .

Our schematic layout is a walking water column

Dr. Wolfgang Fick

Who accepts this fact, can easily imagine that the water quality has a critical influence in our wellness.

Quality is not the sum or the lack of ingredients

Some years ago, the theory was propagated that water has to be freed from nearly everything. The goal was to filter out as much as possible. The result was that one produced “dead” water. This went towards “distilled water”.

This water is technically often of a very good quality and perfectly suitable for the use in machines. This is why you fill the tank of the car wipers with distilled water. However, you usually do not drink it!

The life – in humans and animals – is a little more complex than in a machine washing facility. Over time, it was determined or observed that the permanent and regular use of this type of water does not conduct to the desired results for organisms.

Convinced by the idea of emptying the water from everything at first, one continued to do it, but supplemented the procedure by a subsequent energizing of the liquid. One added and some still add energy from outside into the water in order to revitalize it. This is were the consfusing term “living water” originates.

In a pricely-favourable design, the water simply flows next to a certain metal combination. In sophisticated designs, the water takes its path through a spiral. By doing so, an additional vortex is created. Moreover, keywords such as Schauberger and Emoto are used.

At the procedure of energizing, additional energy is added to the water. This is the origin of the name!

Important questions: Do we people need more energy?

In the least cases, the answer is “yes”. Most people have too much energy, they even suffer from over-powering. Unperceived by many is the taking on of more and more energy by the growing technical densification – even when you feel weak and burned-out, the body consistently has to convert/break down the energy, which is taken beyond necesity and this exhausts it.

If you get offered an additionally energized water for drinking, you can feel an effect on the tongue, depending on your sensibility. This is most often perceived as positive, because it is different than usual. It is even perceived as “invigorating”.

However, the case is that the body receives an unusual high energy supply, which it does not even need in most cases and now it has to work on breaking it down. The body is additionally burdened!

Unpleasant consecutive symptoms usually appear years later and hardly any affected person sees the cause in the ingredient-poor but energized water (because you remember feeling effects in the beginning that you have perceived as pleasant).

What does the solution look like?

Reasonable people, independently of being the farmer on the countryside or the professor in the city, know: nourish yourself mainly from the things that grow in your region. This is not only ecologically meaningful; it saves transport routes and the loss of quality during them.

The same also applies to the water. Humans and animals are designed for the water of the region in which they live in.

This means that some people consume a little more lime than others with the water. Moreover, it is an aberration to filter lime out of the water, as in some cases salt is added to the water for this purpose. This is only good for you, if you are a (dishwasher) machine.

Lime and other substances in the water do not harm the body, if they are in the correct structure. The structure of the water was disregarded too much by most people in the past 80 years, because one has focused too strongly on the technical properties.

The structure of the water is crucial!

Water of the highest structural quality has a particularly high part of hexagonal structures. This means that the oxigen molecules and hydrogen molecules are arranged like a hexagon.

Hexagonal structure: six-sides. Just like a honeycomb!

Many people cannot imagine that things like nitrate and nitrite, what we – by the way – do not want to have in the water (but can filter out only with very much effort) only matter little in the hexagonal structure. They are virtually tied into it. There are investigations that show that undesired substances in the water with hexagonal structures get into the body, go through it and in the end, come out again – therefore, they are not stored!

Our body is capable of creating hexagonal structures itself. It has to, because when substances are transported to and again from our cells, it only works in the hexagonal state of the liquid.

Professor Gerald Pollack has formed the term “4th aggregate state of the water”.

However, our body has to spend energy for the conversion. If we provide it with hexagonal water, then it has less work and the metabolism functions easier.

Originally, we had a high number of hexagonal structures in the water cycle on earth. Through the human influence, they are diminishing since about 140 years – diminishing so strongly that we cannot significantly proove them in Germany and almost everywhere on earth, except for such “holy” springs like the pilgrimage towns Lourdes or Mecca.

The good news: There are possibilities of creating hexagonal water.


On this Internet page, we only write about the possibility of the well-known manufacturer, because the water, which can be taken from the Recreation Lounge Memmingen, went through the water structurer.

The difference between energized and hexagonal water is explained by Dr. Wolfgang Fick in this video:

The centerpiece of the water structurer is the Stein der Harmonie (stone of harmony), which can also be purchased individually. The “stone”, which does not consist of stone, but of carbon (petrified wood) is what builds the structure.

Stein der Harmonie

Water, which runs next to the structure building stone, changes its structure. Very many hexagonal structures of hydrogen and oxigen molecules are created. One can speak of hexagonal water.

Hexagonal water has a hugely increased water quality, a high increase of solubility and causes less mineral precipitation. Who changes to using the water structurer, can look forward to a much lower depositing tendency of lime and has an easy time when cleaning in the future, although the lime has not been filtered out!

Moreover, decalcifying systems cannot manage to filter lime out to 100 %. This is good, because lime is nothing bad in itself. Some generations ago, people also had less lime problems, because there still was much more natural hexagonality in the water. The lime simply remained tied into the structure of the water.

The water structurer is able to recreate this principle of nature.

Interesting parties are welcome to try the hexagonal water in the Recreation Lounge in Memmingen and in the future also at further sites in the region. Depending on the structurer density, we help the whole environment to get more harmony through the hexagonality of water structuring, because hexagonal water distinguishes itself by a harmonically perfect energy. This is conveyed to humans and animals (Keyword organic farm, where animals get hexagonal water for drinking).

Hexagonal water can be tasted here with us in Memmingen!

In the presence of this water, most people feel well and it is also used for decelerating and regenerating, for example in the Recreation Lounge Memmingen. This is where an extraction point of hexagonally structured water is situated!

Recreation Lounge Memmingen mit hexagonalem Wasser
In the Recreation Lounge, the hexagonally structured water is used to decelerate and regenerate, among others.

In contrast to many other providers, the water structurer is completely free of metal – in the areas that are in contact with water. All other materials are, of course, food-safe and drinking water-safe materials, absolutely free of softening agents and certified according to international standards.

The installation-friendly design and the possibility of using the structurer in every position and direction, make the installation relatively easy. All requirements according to DIN EN 13443-1:2007-12 are fulfilled.

monatage freundlicher Wasserstrukturierer
In every desired position and direction possible to mount.

If someone decides to purchase the water structurer, then it can be safely mounted through a partner company. There is a 2 year guarantee for the water structurer; this is statutory. In fact, it is expected that it will last considerably longer; perhaps it can even be bequested. At last, it is absolutely free of maintenance!

We have not even mentioned it yet: hexagonal water disposes of up to 44 per cent more oxigen. There are fitness clubs that speak of “oxigen water” in such cases. We do not, but you will perhaps notice the difference when drinking the water in one of our Recreation Lounges.

One can summarize the following:

  1. It is very good and proves the determined and living responsibility when you intensively deal with the quality of the water with which you surround yourself and drink.
  2. Hexagonal water has outstanding bio-electrical properties, an ideal energy value and the perfect physical form.
  3. Hexagonal water can be created by yourself, for example with the water structurer.
  4. Before you decide for buying, it is meaningful to try the water yourself. At tasting appointments, please note that you are not (mis)led by salesman skills. Do your own research, think logically and trust your intuition/instinct!

By deciding in favor of your water quality, you take a decision about the future wellness for everyone, who is permanently or regularly in contact with it. This is your family in many cases. Your children. You naturally only want the best for your beloved ones.

Take your decision of big significance calmly!

The “small” decision that you perhaps want to take today: When will you visit our Recreation Lounge with its hexagonal water?

Please make your appointments through the ► Recreation Lounge.

PS: We do not have contact forms nor callback service. Why? We do not want to sell anything, we do not want your contact data and we won’t call you several times or try to invite you to seminars.

It is about inspiring you, take a deeper look behind the sceneries, deal more with the subject. Think about what is logical and makes sense.

Perhaps you have conversations with several “water companies” or visit their information events. If you only deal a little more intensively with the subject, it will be easier for you to fade out the salesman skills and concede the correct value to the important points. You know that it is all about your wellbeing and of your beloved ones.

The extraction site of hexagonal water in Memmingen is in the Recreation Lounge in the “Existenzgründungszentrum” (business start-up center) “in der Neuen Welt 8”.

Please arrange your appointments through the Recreation Lounge. Thank you!

Picture material: hexagonal structure: rost9 (fotolia), Recreation Lounge Memmingen, Germany

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    I had recently messaged you regarding the possibility of acquiring your domain name, Can you advise if you might be open to selling and if so at what price?


    • Richard says:

      We research, write articles and help sell the Stone of Harmony – but we do not trade domains.

  2. Karla says:

    Where can I buy the Water Structurizer online and have it delivered to the UK?
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    • Richard says:

      Thank you for this question. Currently, water structurers are not available. A new even better version is being worked on.

      Available – also to UK – is the Stone of Harmony. The material of the Stone of Harmony is the heart of the Water Texturizer. The water structurer is the perfect shell in tube form, so that the structure-forming component can be easily installed in a water system (e.g. house or garden system).

    • Richard says:

      PS: English-language orders can be placed in this online store ► (we would be happy if you order via our German form – if more people are interested in the new water structurer from Germany or the Stone of Harmony, we will additionally set up an English-language service).

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