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Water Structuring Device, Germany

Excellent water properties

  • Water structuring according to pure natural principles for optimal biological and technical properties of the water.
  • Water Structurer

  • excellent biological worth and 44% more oxygen content in the water (laboratory-tested).
  • excellent bio-electronic properties, ideal energy value and perfect physical structure formation.
  • enormously increased technical water quality, a high increase in solubility causes less precipitation of minerals, therefore much less tendency to deposit lime and consequently minimization of the risk of calcification.
  • completely metal-free in the water-structuring area, only materials that are safe regarding food and drinking water-consumption, absolutely free of plasticizers, certified in accordance with international standards and a five times better carbon footprint compared to metal materials.
  • design and appearance by internationally renowned interior designer.
  • compact and easy to assemble, mountable in any position and direction.
  • meets all requirements of DIN EN 13443-1: 2007-12 (a strict German industrial standard), tested and certified at the DVGW-approved Technologiezentrum Wasser (Technology Center for Water).

The water structurer arranges water into an ideal and perfect physical and biological structure. Subjective sensory tests of the perfectly structured water prove velvety-silky quality sensation and full-bodied drinking taste.

The following technical and physical examinations show the outstanding properties of this water structuring.

Crystal analysis of the water with the water structuring device

crystal analysis hexagonal water

In addition to essential chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters (such as pH, substance concentrations, conductance, surface tension, redox potential, etc.), water shows other properties, e.g. crystal formation. This property is observable in nature as well as scientifically reproducible, in both cases in many ways. Physically perfect water crystallizes hexagonally, fractally and self-similarly, that is in regular hexagonal structures, e.g. “ice flowers”.

The crystal analysis is scientifically reproducible and verifiable. The ability for shape generation of the water is depicted here and can thus facilitate assessment of the force structure.

In the crystal analysis of a drop of tap water at 100 times magnification, non-crystalline zones do not appear, which means that the energy level of the sample is mediocre. Although high-quality natural spring waters do not show consistently crystal-free zones, there are very often 60° angle structures (i.e., hexagonal) which are almost completely absent in this water sample. Only in a few places do relics of 60° angle structures appear, which point to the originally natural water quality.

After contact of the tap water with the water structuring device, this order and structure shows as follows:

Very regular crystal structures, somewhat stronger in the edge area, forming with 60° angle, as they are found in high-quality spring water. 90° angle structures are virtually absent in this crystallization, the energy level of the sample has increased significantly, a positive energy balance can be assumed. There are fan-like crystal structures that were not present in the tap water.

This phenomenon occurs very frequently so that the entire picture is characterized by the fan-like structures.

This is a clear indication of the strong quality improvement by the water structuring device, because such structures occur only with very high water qualities of absolutely natural origin.

Like the 60° angle, the fan-like crystal structures testify to a significant improvement in water quality. This is also reflected in the fact that less 90° angle structures are present and a higher surface formation of minerals has taken place, which also brings a much better bioavailability of minerals for the metabolism of the human organism.

Crystal analysis of a drop of tap water before and after contact with the water structuring device

This upgrade of the water quality also shows very clearly in the chemical/physical parameters. With contact of the water water structuring device to tap water, the oxygen content in the water increases by 44%, the conductance decreases by 29%, the dry residue reading decreases by 16% and the pH value is reduced by 5%.

This is confirmed by scientific experiments at another research institute. Crystal images as nature’s visual language are judged according to the following criteria: principle of order, centering of the drop, spreading, angle formation, distribution patterns, ability of shape generation, intensity, coherence, transparency and formations, size and fineness of structures. The more ordered, differentiated, finer and more transparent the water structuring device in the drying pattern, the higher the water quality.

Particularly striking in this study are the completely free zones between the harmonic crystal structures, i.e. the very clear shapes without any disturbing zones are the indication of a high order structure:

The water structuring device also improves the technical water quality significantly.

A direct quote from the research report:

“After contact of the comparison samples with the water structuring device, there are hardly any compaction zones in the crystal analyses which would indicate a deposition tendency of the lime or other minerals, as could be seen in the comparative samples.

It is therefore clear that the technical quality of the water could be improved in this sample. Cross-shaped, compressed angle structures do not appear in the entire picture, so it can be assumed that the solubility of the minerals in the water could be significantly increased.

Larger crystals can precipitate and clog the pipes. The small crystals occurring here have a higher surface formation and are less prone to precipitation. This means that technical equipment with this water quality can be operated well.

The technical water quality has increased enormously and the risk of calcification has been reduced to a minimum. This brings a significant advantage to the consumer in terms of the maintenance and life of the equipment thy use.”

It is amazing that biological properties could be improved as well. A harmful effect of the water structuring device could not be found. On the contrary, a significant upgrade of the water quality has taken place.
– quote from a research report –

Biophysical properties of water with the water structuring device:

comparative sample in the field of the Stone of Harmony

⇑ Bio-electronics according to Vincent BEV
Various commercially available spring and drinking waters

In the 20th century, the French hydrologist VINCENT found a connection between the drinking water quality in different regions of France and the health of the population. Through systematic research, he identified parameters that allow assessment of the biological quality of water. The assessment is based on the availability of electrons and protons.

The associated parameters rH2and pH, applied to two coordinate axes, span a “bio-electronic terrain” in the middle of which the data of the body fluids blood, saliva and urine form a reference triangle, which according to VINCENT represents the optimal values. For the tests, conventionally available water was used as a comparison sample, which was then brought into contact with the water structuring device for each of the measurements.

Bio-electronic terrain analysis according to VINCENT

To assess the biological value of water influenced by the water structuring device, the location of the samples within the bioelectronic terrain was determined, which is spanned by the pH value (availability of protons = acid units) and the rH2 value (availability of electrons = reduction units).

The result of the influenced water sample is, unlike the comparison sample, close to the ideal “reference triangle” for a rarely achieved perfect rH2 value.

Comparison sample with contact to the water structuring device

Reading of physical-chemical parameters on the comparison sample and on the comparison sample affected by contact with the water structuring device. The values are temperature compensated and refer to a standard temperature of 25° C.

In this case, the pH was slightly shifted from basic baseline values towards the acidic range, but still remained in the basic range. This can be interpreted as the water structuring device approaching the pH of the water to the optimum point according to VINCENT, but still provides a desirable countermeasure against acidification.

The redox potential (ORP) was significantly lowered compared to the comparison sample. Because of the ORP’s dependence on the detailed chemical composition and pH of each water, there is no easy interpretation for these results. Such a significant reduction, however, indicates the increased availability of electrons, which could be explained by the electron surplus of the hexagonal liquid-crystalline “lattice”.

Regardless of the pH value, the rH2 value is the indicator of the reduction potential of the water. This value is lowered slightly compared to the comparison sample and even slightly below the optimum value of 22. (An rH2 value of approx. 22 stands for redox-neutral conditions; the upper limit of the beneficial range is 28 according to VINCENT).

It is extremely rare to find that a method of influencing water achieves such a favorable rH2 value! The assessment of the redox behavior of the water structuring device thus, from a bio-electronic point of view, turns out very favorably.

“All in all, as far as the ph value, the rH2 value and the energy value is concerned, the water structurer’s effect on water can be considered very much a bio-electronic success.”

The electrical conductivity increases slightly compared to the comparison sample. This can be explained by the formation of liquid-crystalline areas in the water, which represent a high order and according to the findings of Professor G. Pollack correlate with the separation of highly conductive protons from a hexagonal, also electrically (negatively) charged crystal-like lattice. The mobile charge carriers result in increased conductivity.

The evaluation of the measurements of the energy value showed that due to the Water structuring device the value was 22.7 μW according to the bio-electronic calculation method (compared to 37 μW in the comparative sample). VINCENT ideally requires low values (< 25 μW). This requirement is achieved by the influence of the Water structuring device - again a rare case! From the perspective of bio-electronics, the energy levels of many waters are too high.

Function and effect of the Water structuring device are based on vitalized components according to the procedure and principle of the Badox-Jungbrunnen (Fountain of Youth) and Stone of Harmony.

water structure:

The fountain of youth water source.

Recommendations for assembling Water structuring device Please note: - Make sure installation is in no way subjected to stress/pressure - Install adapter screw connection only with an open-end wrench (SW36), not with a pipe wrench or something like that -	Tighten union nuts only by hand or with a strap wrench - Installation is possible in any desired position or direction The installation should only be done by qualified personnel. Meets all requirements of DIN EN 13443-1: 2007-12 (a strict German industrial standard), tested and certified at the DVGW-approved Technologiezentrum Wasser (Technology Center for Water).

Technical Data Water Structuring Device – Stone of Harmony:

Diameter: 75 mm [2.953 inch]
Total length: 450 mm [17.7165 inch]
Weight: 1.2 kg [2.64 lb]
Max. permissible operating pressure: 6 bar
Flow rate: up to 3000 liters/hour
Permissible temperature range: 5-20°C (cold water)
Connection size and type: 1 inch cylindrical internal thread WN 1.4404 (3162)

Benefits according to customer feedback and experience:

Due to legal reasons, we do not publish any medical and therapeutic feedback and experiences. Here is a selection and small summary of many and consistently positive feedback and experiences:

The perfectly structured water provides a velvety-silky quality sensation and a full-bodied drinking taste. All food lasts longer, stays fresh longer with higher quality and better taste.

In the area of wellness (hotels and treatments): much better sleep, relaxed and rested in the morning. Guests are much less aggressive, less friction and conflicts, less damage as guests are more attentive and balanced. Guests feel good and will be back. The perfectly structured has an attractive effect, even in an unconscious way, the visits of the guests are repeated. Guests are happy to recommend this hotel.

However, the effect of the perfectly structured water still reaches many other dimensions, e.g. in the crystallization of solid materials from the company KUFER PLATTEN:

“Unique in the production of our concrete slabs is the use of water with that certain something! Our water is physically and biologically perfectly structured, ordered water with regular crystal structures. Due to the ideal shape formation with 60° angle structure, i.e. hexagonality, a homogeneous field is created. Due to this, the quality of our slabs increases significantly. With our slabs you bring harmony into your garden.”

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Water Structuring Device
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