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Here you can find the fantastic properties of ⇝ hexagonal water.

On this page, it is about the practical implementation, the creation of hexagonal water. One also speaks of hexagonally structured water – therefore the term water structurizer.

The nature

It is best, when mother nature structures the water by itself for us. It is doing so in some mountain springs. One of the most famous is situated in the french pilgrimage site Lourdes.

Natürlicher Bergbach

Natural mountain brook

Not everybody lives close to such a mountain spring. If you do not want to waive on hexagonal water, you can create it yourself. This is the purpose of the water structurizer.

The correct water structurizer rebuilds the nature exactly:

Schwarzkopf Mäandern

Hexagonality is created in the nature. However, the natural hexagonality is heavily declining, because of straightening of rivers, pumping the water through pipes and other impacts, such as electro-smog, among others.

The hexagonal structure can be recreated at any time!

Creating hexagonal water

The center piece of the water structurizer by the company Schwarzkopf Wassertechnik is the Stein der Harmonie (stone of harmony, quantum stone).

Through its special production, it is permanently surrounded by a harmonic field (hexagonally structured). It is transmitting it to the water, which is in its direct environment, for example by flowing next to the stone.

This is the creation procedure of hexagonal water.

If you have the right equipment, then the …

production of hexagonal water is easy, fast and cheap!

What you should imperatively know about the water structurizer (manufacturer information):

  • Nature’s principle
    The water structuring follows the true natural principle for optimum biological and technical properties of the water.
  • 44 per cent more oxigen in the water
    With the structuring, the water obtains an outstanding biological worth. The oxigen content is increased by about 44 per cent (laboratory proven).
  • Higher technical water quality
    The increase of the solubility with the structuring causes less precipitation of minerals, therefore a much lower tendency of lime deposits, thus minimizing the danger of calcifications.
  • Completely free of metal
    The Schwarzkopf-structurizer is absolutely free of metals in the area of water structuring. Only food and drinking water safe materials were used, absolutely free of softening agents and certified according to international standards.
    Wasserstrukturierer Montage

    Mountable in any desired direction

  • Compact and light
    Compact and mounting-friendly design. Mountable in any desired position and direction.
  • Certified
    All requirements according to DIN EN 13443-1:2007-12 are fulfilled. The structurizer is evaluated and certified at the Technologiezentrum Wasser (center of water technology) approved by the DVGW (German association for gas and water matters).

Technical data

Diameter: 75 mm
Total length: 450 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Maximum permitted operating pressure: 6 bar
Flow capacity: up to 3,000 liters / hour
Permitted area of temperature: 5–20°C (cold water)
Connection size and type: 1 inch cylindrical internal thread WN 1.4404 (3162)

Schwarzkopf water structurizer in the laboratory (test)

At a 100-times magnification, these pictures were taken:

Strukturiertes Wasser in der Kristallanalyse

Each is one drop of tap water. On the left, just like it came out of the tap, on the right, after flowing over the stone of harmony, the center piece of the Schwarzkopf water structurizer.

What differences can you recognize?

Common tap water (and unfortunately also many mineral waters from commerce) show a high part of rectangular structures. Easy to see by the 90°-angles in the picture above on the left.

Structured water is characterized by a high part of 60°-angles. These are perfectly recognizable in the picture above on the right.

If you take a closer look at the 60°-angle structures, you perhaps remember the wonderful ice-flowers on windows, like we were able to regularly observe them until the 1980s:

Hexagonale Eiskristalle

Photo of a Volkswagen T3 from the 1980s.

Obviously, the hexagonal structures around the globe (atmosphere, water) are declining. With a water structurizer, you can re-create the hexagonal structures again. By doing so, you increase the quality of the water structure for you, your family, possibly your employees, your pets or animals, your machines and generally for the environment. For if you produce hexagonal water, the hexagonality does not end at your front door. I keeps on flowing.

Are you damaging anything/anyone?

Not at all, the hexagonal structures belong to the original forms of life. Think of the honeycomb!

You help yourself and us all to make our planet a little better again. This is confirmed by the laboratory report:

“It is surprising that biological properties could be enhanced. A damaging effect of the stone of harmony could not be determined. On the contrary, a considerable enhancement of the total water quality took place.”

The enhancement of the water quality is clearly demonstrated in the chemical and physical parameters (compared to the samples of common tap water):

Oxigen content
+44 %
−29 %
Dry residue
+16 %
−5 %

The positive influence is confirmed by the test results of another laboratory, from which the following images originate:

Hexagonales Wasser unter dem Mikroskop (20-fach)

Cristal analysis of a drop of tap water, each before and after the contact with the stone of harmony, the center piece of the Schwarzkopf water structurizer. Magnification: 20-times.

Cristal pictures, as you can see them above, are evaluated according to the following criteria as a visual language of the nature: principle of classification, centering of a drop, dispersion, angle formations, distribution patterns, shape generation ability, intensity, coherence, transparency and formations, size and fineness of structures. The more arranged, differenciated, finer and more transparent the water structure is shown in the drying picture, the higher the water quality.

The investigation shows particularly beautifully the free zones between the harmonic cristal structures. The clear forms without any disturbing zones are proof of a high order structure.

In the evaluation report, it then says:

After the contact of the comparing samples with the stone of harmony, the cristal analysis hardly show densification zones that could point out depositing tendencies of lime or other materials, as seen in the comparing samples. Therefore, it is obvious that the technical water quality of this sample was improved.

Cross-shaped, densified angle structures do not appear in the whole picture, so that one can assume that the solubility of minerals in the water could be increased significantly.

Bigger cristals can precipitate and add lines. The here appearing small cristals have a higher surface formation and tend to precipitate less. This means that technical devices can be perfectly operated with this water quality.

The technical water quality increased enormously and the danger of calcification has been reduced to a minimum. This includes a significant advantage for the consumer regarding maintenance and durability of the devices used by him/her.

Customers about structured water

You can find scientific advantages of hexagonally structured water here.

Consecutively, a summary of dozens of customer feedbacks:

  • salubrious, better taste, easier to drink
  • faster/bigger plant growth
  • less calcifications
  • better skin compatibility
  • generally a better wellness.

Josef Schwarzkopf speaks about the structurizer


If you came to this page through the recommendation of a merchant, then please contact your recommender. He or she will be helpful at the installation and with further good recommendations. This is fair and can be worth a lot!

Alternatively, you can order directly at the manufacturer. You can see in this video, how this works. Please watch it until the end. It will be worthwhile!

The water structurizer can be analogically to the stone of harmony in the online shop of the manufacturer with the hexagonal-price saving:

Direct link to the manufacturer ► www.steinderharmonie.de

It is important that …

  • the discount code “Hexagonal” or “Hexagonal.com” is stated in the purpose field.
  • you subtract the discount immediately at the transfer.
Wasserstrukturierer online mit Rabatt bestellen

You will happily receive answers to your questions about the order through the comments feature.

If you are interested in financing of the water structurizer (purchase in installments), then please register yourself for our internal area through the ► monthly mail. There you can find financing help including step-by-step instructions.

Order as a commercial retailer? Please see here (German).

Frequently asked questions about the water structurizer

How long will the water stay hexagonally?

Water, which was created by the Schwarzkopf water structurizer, will stay hexagonal, until an interference field annuls (destroys) the structure again. If that does not happen, then the structure of the water remains hexagonal for years.

Small marginal story: In an earlier developing phase, when there was no stone of harmony available yet for carrying on the body, the women from the Bavarian forest sewed a small bag as a necklace and put a mini-bottle of hexagonal water in it. This way, they were able to carry the harmonic field, which also radiates from the hexagonal water, constantly with them. This water was exchanged every 5 to 6 weeks.

Is it true that you will have less lime deposits/calcifications?

Yes, Lime is considerably better tied into the hexagonal structure and therefore it deposits much less at water taps, sinks, washing machines and of course, in the living body.

When and how must the water structurizer be maintained?

The Schwarzkopf water structurizer is completely free of maintenance. There are no filters or anything else to change.

Americans would say: Set it and forget it. (Install it and let it run forever.)

How many residential units can I supply with one structurizer?

The connection size of the Schwarzkopf water structurizer is 1 inch (cylindrical internal thread WN 1.4404 (3162)). Therefore, it fits to almost all one-family-houses. At multiple family houses and companies, several structurizers can be used parallel with a T-pipe (this is cheaper than a custom-made product, which would be possible too). The flow-rate per structurizer is at 3,000 litres per hour.

Usually one structurizer is enough for houses with up to 4 residential units.

Further questions on the water structurizer?

You can get individual consulting and support at the merchant (German), general question can be asked using the comments feature. If you want to finance the water structurizer, you can find an inspiration here (German).

New: If you want to purchase the stone of harmony, the water structurizer or the Recreation Lounge from abroad, then we take the customs formalities in Germany (exportation) for you. The purchase from abroad is possibe by payment in advance (bank transfer / TransferWise).

Installation of the water structurizer

Wasserstrukturierer eingebaut

One of our buyers has installed his water structurizer himself. This photo shows our own structurizer. We have arranged that a plumber, who takes such jobs within the whole German-speaking area, installed it for us. We make the contact available for you at purchase!

Picture material: Schwarzkopf Wassertechnik, mountain brook by paul (fotolia.com)

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